Have you suffered mesh bladder sling complications?

Unfortunately, a large number of women have suffered from bladder sling failure complications caused by these synthetic mesh products. Women suffering from surgery mesh complications have looked at their legal options including filing a bladder sling lawsuit to help recover compensation for outstanding medical bills, pain and suffering and additional surgeries.

We advocate that the companies who manufacture surgery mesh products should be held accountable for any harm they are legally responsible for and patients should be fairly compensated for damages caused by bladder sling complications. There is a limited time to file a bladder sling lawsuit and if you have been affected it is important to look into your legal rights as soon as possible.

Bladder Sling Mesh Patient Recommendations
Prior to surgery:
• Review all stress urinary incontinence treatment options with your surgeon, including surgery repair using bladder sling mesh and traditional surgical repair without mesh along with all treatment options that do not involve surgery. In addition, discuss with your doctor the reasons why using surgery mesh is better for your specific treatment compared to other treatment options
• Know as much as possible about all of the potential complications and risks associated with SUI surgical repair
• Be aware that one of the risks of undergoing surgery using mesh is that you may need an additional surgical repair in the future due to surgery mesh complications

Following surgery:
• Go over any questions or concerns regarding potential surgery mesh complications with your doctor
• Discuss with your surgeon whether or not surgery mesh was used during your repair
• Follow through with any future appointments or check-ups especially if you are having any symptoms or complications
• For any future surgeries or procedures, notify your doctor of your prior surgery using mesh
• Let your doctor know if you are experiencing any pain or symptoms that might be signs of bladder sling complications including ongoing vaginal bleeding, pelvic pain or pain during sexual intercourse

Do not be concerned if you don’t know the manufacturer or brand of mesh that was used during your surgery. If you have suffered bladder sling complications we can help you find out the type of mesh used during your procedure.

Mesh Bladder Sling Lawsuits Help
We represent all patients suffering from surgery mesh complications and families of a loved one on a contingency basis which means that there are never any legal fees unless we win compensation in your case. For a free no-obligation consultation please call toll free or fill out our short online contact form and an attorney will contact you to answer any of your questions including the latest news on mesh bladder sling lawsuit filing deadlines and bladder sling recall updates.